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May 12, 2004
For immediate release

Smart Ways Of Saving Lives – Safety in Healthcare

The statistics released on medical errors in hospitals can make disturbing reading…
• Preventable errors in the US cause over 44,000 deaths yearly
• Misuse of medication in the US causes 125,000 deaths yearly, 11% of hospital admissions, and 23% of nursing home admissions
• Counterfeits comprise 30% of pharmaceuticals in the developing world, and 6 – 10% in the developed world
According to leading consultant Dr Peter Harrop of IDTechEx, an independent analyst, all of these statistics could be greatly reduced with the use of smart technology, such as RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) tags and other low cost solutions.

The technology is here
RFID tags will be used in high volumes in the supply chain to track and trace, to overcome fatal counterfeiting and product diversion, and improve...

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