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There is now a useful download for any organisation that has a significant IT project coming up. It is a template for a Project Management Plan – and it comes from IE Partnerships, a business consultancy specialising in the implementation of all types of technology.

The eight page plan covers all of the key areas business managers need to consider and is available from their website at

The Project Management Plan also comes with two hours of free consultancy.

“Some people will simply use the plan to collect their own thoughts and develop a blueprint to work from,” explained Ian Collins, joint managing partner of IE Partnerships. “That’s fine. Others, though, will be interested in how they should progress the project. We wanted them to be able to ask without feeling they were committing themselves. That’s why we’re also offering the free consultancy.”

The template is based upon one which Ian developed for use in large organisations such as British Sugar, GSK, Viacom and BT openaccess – where he was Chief Operating Officer.

“The disciplines involved in the Project Management Plan are just as applicable to smaller and mid-sized companies, though,” he continued. “It is not a thinly disguised piece of sales literature. It is a solid working document which has served us well over quite a few years.”

The other joint managing partner of IE Partnerships is Ekin Caglar. Ekin represents the exceptional depth of technological knowledge the consultancy has. “There are few consultancies that can boast people of Ekin’s calibre – someone with a unique background of software development, IT systems, internet technologies, cloud computing and business modelling,” Ian explained. “His hands-on experience is invaluable to our clients.”

While you are on IE Partnerships’ website, take a look at the six services they offer. Between them they cover a wide breadth of potential involvement – from simple ad hoc advice to acting as a temporary or part time Chief Information Officer or Chief Technology Officer.

About IE Partnerships:

Most people form a consultancy and then look for work. With IE Partnerships, it was the other way round – the work came first and the consultancy was only brought into being afterwards – in April 2010.

It followed a two year period during which the two principals were called in as individuals on six IT strategy and implementation projects and three large scale joint e-Venture programmes involving the mix of advisory services they now offer.

Today, IEP is a technology focused business consultancy offering six services to help organisations make the right decisions about technology investments and IT implementation projects.

IEP combines deep technology understanding with broad business experience which allows them to offer cost effective IT solutions that fit in with people’s business strategy and objectives.

The business now has a team of five consultants providing a broad range of services with specialist expertise in niche areas. The website showcases a selection of the team's projects.

During the last year, the company has completed several projects in the UK, as well as three major programmes in Turkey and Italy.

Profiles of the joint managing partners:

Ian Collins began his career as an engineer at the BBC then spent two years with an independent supplier, project managing large scale TV and Radio studio installations for BBC and ITV companies.

In the late 80s Ian started a technology business selling business intelligence solutions to blue chip organisations such as the RAC, Thomas Cook, BP, Mars and GSK. Subsequently, he spent two years working as a technology consultant for a government project with Deloitte & Touche.

This was followed by three years doing business turnaround work for a group of UK manufacturing companies and two years as Operations Director for an ecommerce company alongside Unisys and Computacenter where he managed a team of twenty plus consultants and project managers.

In recent years Ian was a project director for BT on two major technology development programmes - after which he was appointed COO of a £50m BT division, delivering large scale EDRMS solutions to the private and public sectors.

In his youth, Ekin Caglar co-founded the first web design organisation in Turkey, then went on to work on several large-scale commercial IT projects before developing and delivering e-Commerce solutions to SMEs.

He then started a software development business which provided compliance applications for multinational corporations and UK public authorities.

Ekin is responsible for an innovative software development system for modelling business requirements and automatically generating software code.

He has been instrumental in creating hundreds of websites, portals, database applications and office solutions.

Ekin is an Oracle and Microsoft approved technology partner and recently helped develop and implement IT systems and bespoke software solutions for three new-age online businesses.

For further information contact:

Ian Collins
I.E. Partnerships
27 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AX
Mobile: 07734 606 861