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How to Give Personal Memories as a Mother's Day Present: Photo Books and Canvas Prints

Photo presents like photo books and canvas prints are popular for preserving personal memories in style. At popular occasions like Mother's Day or a birthday photo gifts are a present as personal as the relationship. Printing-1 offers free delivery for photo books and canvas prints in time for Mother's Day.

London. 19 February 2009. Mother's Day is a day honouring mothers, celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent (three weeks before Easter Sunday). In the United States, Mother's Day was inspired by the British day after the American Civil War. However, it was intended by social activists as a call to unite women against war in a Mother's Day for Peace. From there it took only very few years to turn Mother's Day into one of the commercially most important events of the year and to spread around the world the idea of giving presents as a sign of attention and respect to one's mother. The ideal mother's day gift should be as personal as the relationship. Photo memory gifts often combine the useful or pleasant with personalisation. The online digital photo service Printing-1 drops the delivery charge in time for Mother's day for its photo bookand photo canvas printing service. Photo book and canvas printorders placed between the 2nd and 15th of March will be free of delivery and processing charges, saving £4.90 per order.

The Printing-1 Photobook Software for Windows PC and Apple MacOS

According to Printing-1 during the photobook software development special emphasis was laid on flexibility and user comfort. The page numbering style can be chosen for each individual page. Instead of a limiting automatic layout assistant the application provides templates to position images precisely easily. Printing-1 also offers silk matt and glossy paper and its software allows switching between different types of binding and book formats at any time during the design process.

Not only printed photo albums but also online photo sharing

Individual photobooks can be saved online as projects. Before placing a print order, the photo book layout file is uploaded to Printing-1 first. There the photo book can be shared free of charge with friends and family before ordering prints; which is particularly practical when after a party or family event others pay for their own copy. Sending printed memory booksdirectly to friends and family abroad (Europe or the USA) also makes a very personal gift and saves postage.

Flexible and convenient

Printing-1 offers a Windows and Mac OS compatible, online photo service, which can be used with photos from any digital camera or camera phone. Printing-1 specialises in photo books and photo canvas printing only. The digital photo service Printing-1 delivers in the UK and most European countries as well as the USA within two weeks of ordering online. Photo books professionally printed from own digital photographs are on their way to replace the traditional photo album. Apart from the Pocket and the Maxi format Printing-1 is offering three further intermediate sizes.

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Printing-1 Background

Printing-1 started in October 2006 in Cambridge as a British-German joint-venture. The Internet-Service is specialising in high quality, modern photo print products like photo books and photo canvas.

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