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Photographic paper calendars withstanding the magnifying glass test!

Personalised photo paper calendars

Cambridge. 4 Nov. 2011. - The advantages of true photographic paper are evident at first glance: bright colours and very high detail reproduced on considerably stronger paper. As lab processed photographic paper is exposed without printing grids, printing dots will not be found, not even with a magnifying glass. This leads to a more balanced colour reproduction and sharper detail. That way, anyone can create their own photographic calendars in professional print quality with bright colours, even as a one off print.

FotoInsight’s Managing Director Klaas Brumann says about the use of silk matt photographic paper in photo albums and personalised calendars: "If high quality prints are required, you can only achieve a corresponding print through the exposure on real photographic paper. FotoInsight is a quality printer and raises the bar every year."

Britain's largest range of photo calendars

The online photo service FotoInsight has been offering one of the widest ranges of photo calendars for many years, now FotoInsight increases the range with six new calendars on photographic paper.

How to design a photo calendar on photographic paper?

At FotoInsight there are two ways to design a photo calendar. The easiest way to quickly create a personal calendar is directly in the webbrowser on Fotoinsight’s the website. It requires no software to be installed, and there are a large number of formats and calendars to choose from. Users who want more control over the design of the photo calendar or those who would like to create different variants of a calendar layout should use the free FotoInsight Designer application:

1.- Choose a calendar format and size and consider the orientation: Square, portrait or landscape from

2.- Select the starting month and year.

3.- Choose the calendar page and layout, add images and change backgrounds as preferred. There is no limit to the number of pictures per page and it even allows to create picture collage on calendar pages. A nice personal touch is created by adding additional passport size photos at birthdays and wedding anniversaries.

4.- Upload own photo calendar design.

5.- After logging in choose the payment form and order a calendar print with the option to have it shipped to a separate delivery address, for example as a gift.

The software can be used offline and an Internet connection is not required during the design process. The calendar print file will be compressed to the optimum size before transmission to the print server without sacrificing quality.

About FotoInsight

FotoInsight Limited was founded in Cambridge in 2003 and runs an easy to use digital photo processing service for Windows, Mac OS and Linux users, offering an extensive array of award-winning photographic print and photo gifts as well as photo books, photo poster and photos on canvas print. Prints ordered through FotoInsight are developed at five state of the art photo labs in four countries. The online photo service has grown year on year faster than the photo processing industry and has expanded its services in seven European languages in 32 countries.

For questions or if you would like to test the FotoInsight photo book service as a journalist please contact us on tel. +44 (0)8700 114911 or email pr (at) . FotoInsight also offer vouchers and software for reader offers.

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