New Release from Pilot Software Eliminates the Chaos of Reporting Performance

Demonstrates Pilot’s continuing leadership in helping organisations get employees on the same page

Organisations of all sizes struggle to get employees working in unison towards common goals. In their attempts to achieve this alignment, most rely on meetings, emails, static briefing books and PowerPoint to review performance. Besides being time-consuming and cumbersome, these methods usually fail to capture and preserve the discussions that surround performance. Worse still, these methods are naturally limited in their ability to reach and actively engage more employees in the process of improving performance.

Pilot® Software, Inc., the original provider of performance management solutions, solves this information-isolation problem with its release today of an updated version of PilotWorks®. This release features a new operational reviews component that brings consistency and structure to the process of capturing, consolidating, presenting and disseminating information that helps an organisation align its goals, initiatives and metrics. Now, performance information can easily and quickly be aggregated and placed into live briefing books that users can annotate to incorporate narrative explaining performance. Unlike home-grown review methods, with the new version of PilotWorks, discussion notes and action items can be immediately and directly connected to related performance information, and the entire operational review preserved and archived for broader distribution and access.

“High involvement cultures are high performance cultures,” said Jennifer Orgolini, COO of New Belgium Brewing. “Although it may seem slow to do at first, getting your employees involved via the kind of two-way communication, collaboration and information-sharing enabled by using PilotWorks will lead in the long run to a more effective company.”

To create operational reviews, users gather information from anywhere within PilotWorks to tell a precise, unified story about performance—their own, their group’s, or for the organisation as a whole. Unlike static briefing books and PowerPoints, operational reviews that are assembled, annotated and presented within PilotWorks can “go live” to reveal the latest performance information. This ability to access the latest data eliminates the kinds of errors or manipulations that can occur when using cut-and-paste methods.

“OPX and status-update meetings are usually uncoordinated and focus on activities that have already happened. Our new operational reviews component provides structure to this process and helps ensure that priorities are based on the impact to the organisation rather than on who shouts the loudest at the meeting, and that the people who weren’t in the meeting know the priorities and outcomes, too,” said Jonathan D. Becher, President and CEO of Pilot Software. “The latest release of PilotWorks furthers our commitment to helping organisations get their employees on the same page.”

“The demand for improving the review process and collaboration of business managers for performance management continues to climb in importance,” said Mark Smith, Ventana Research CEO and EVP of Research. “Pilot Software with this new release of PilotWorks provides direct capability for operational reviews which today is a task that is not well documented and supported by an application intended to retain knowledge and improve performance.”

About PilotWorks

Providing the ability to manage the three cornerstones of performance management—goals, initiatives and metrics—in one comprehensive, yet modular offering, PilotWorks now also brings structure and consistency to the operational reviews process. PilotWorks is the only operational performance management solution that addresses both the needs of the organisation and the individual user by providing the utmost personalisation and autonomy within a framework that allows incremental deployments but ensures organisational consistency.

Features and benefits for the PilotWorks operational reviews component:

• Briefing book – Individuals can quickly and easily publish a briefing book for themselves, multiple groups or all users.

• “Go live” – Users can go beyond the published briefing book to get the latest performance data during an operational review conducted within PilotWorks.

• Narrative – Users can add annotations throughout an operational review to highlight key points and ensure that those less familiar with the results know the story behind the performance.

• PDF format – Operational reviews can be exported as an Adobe® PDF, allowing flexibility to distribute them to individuals who don’t have access to PilotWorks. Operational reviews can be printed, emailed, viewed on screen as a slide show, or published to a website.

• Archive – Operational reviews can be preserved for access in the future by users who can continue to derive value by learning from past decisions.

Pricing and Availability

The new release of PilotWorks 2006 is available now. Pricing starts at around £15k. Pilot is distributed in the UK by ISSEL ( and by local partners in other European countries.

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About Pilot Software

Validated by hundreds of customers worldwide, Pilot provides operational performance management solutions for progressive commercial and public sector organisations that dramatically increase performance. Pilot’s unique incremental, middle-out approach, combined with its patent-pending software, aligns all three cornerstones of performance management: goals, initiatives and metrics. With the first-ever performance management solution deployed and the largest-known operational performance management deployments within both the U.S. federal government and commercial organisations, Pilot’s solutions are used by leading organisations worldwide such as American Heart Association, DaimlerChrysler, Health Net, Ingersoll-Rand, Molson Coors Brewing Company, Pacific Life Insurance, Phillips Medical, Santa Barbara County Government of California, Sarasota County Government of Florida, and U.S. General Services Administration.

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