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Pilot Partners with PMG to Provide Companies with Innovative Supply Chain Performance Management Solution

Supply-Chain Operations Reference (SCOR®) metrics from PMG now integrated into PilotWorks for SC balanced scorecard perations management and real-time operations benchmarking

Pilot® Software Inc., the original provider of performance management solutions, today announced a partnership with the Performance Measurement Group (PMG), a PRTM Company, to provide companies with the ability to track and manage supply chain performance using industry-standard Supply-Chain Operations Reference® (SCOR®) model metrics within PilotWorks®. The partnership will also equip companies with the ability to constantly refine and improve the efficiency of their supply chain operations through an open exchange of real-time industry benchmarks associated with the SCOR metrics between PMG and its clients.

“When executing a comprehensive supply chain benchmarking project with our Supply Chain Performance Indicator service, companies typically employ project teams from various functional organisations within the company to accumulate the needed data,” said Ed Salley, President of PMG. “Our partnership with Pilot will enable us to offer a service in which SCOR-compliant metrics related to supply chain performance are addressable in real-time through PilotWorks, with the added unique capability to effectively obtain real-time benchmarks on the SCOR metrics. This will be a real boon for both current and future PMG clients.”

By instantiating the SCOR metrics within PilotWorks, PMG and Pilot have created the ability for companies to continuously and readily review operational performance – from a company internal and industry-based external perspective – using the industry standard SCOR metrics as an ongoing means of operational measurement and management. In the past, to use the benchmark intelligence derived from the SCOR model required companies to develop and implement customised and non-standard spreadsheet reporting solutions that added little value to real-time management decision making.

“Pilot Software has consistently raised the bar for providing performance management for operations management and managers,” said Colin Snow, analyst for Ventana Research. “Companies seeking to drive improvement to their operational management processes and have the ability to measure against the SCOR model on an ongoing basis should consider this offering made available through this partnership between Pilot and PMG.”

“Partnering with PMG is a natural fit for Pilot because both companies work as a trusted advisor to our customers,” said Jonathan D. Becher, president and CEO of Pilot Software. “By working with PMG, we’re able to develop an operations performance management solution that enables companies to measure and benchmark supply chain management processes using standards-based, industry-specific measurement tools and performance benchmarks.”

About Performance Measurement Group (PMG)

PMG helps companies target and achieve breakthrough business goals by providing comprehensive insights into their operational performance. PMG provides the best industry specific benchmarks and proven practices for the most critical aspects of core business operations. Both the SCOR ® and Product And Cycle-time Excellence® (PACE®) reference models were developed by PMG’s parent company PRTM. For more information, please visit

About PilotWorks

PilotWorks provides the ability to manage the three cornerstones of performance management—goals, initiatives and metrics—in one comprehensive, yet modular offering. PilotWorks is the only operational performance management solution that addresses both the needs of the organisation and the individual user by providing personalisation and autonomy within a framework that allows incremental deployments but ensures organisational consistency.

About Pilot Software

Validated by hundreds of customers worldwide, Pilot provides operational performance management solutions for progressive commercial and public sector organisations that dramatically increase performance. Pilot’s unique incremental, middle-out approach, combined with its patent-pending software, aligns all three cornerstones of performance management: goals, initiatives and metrics. With the first-ever performance management solution deployed and the largest-known operational performance management deployments within both the U.S. federal government and commercial organisations, Pilot’s solutions are used by leading organisations worldwide such as American Heart Association, DaimlerChrysler, Health Net, Ingersoll-Rand, Molson Coors Brewing Company, Pacific Life Insurance, Phillips Medical, Santa Barbara County Government of California, Sarasota County Government of Florida, and U.S. General Services Administration. For more information, please visit

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Pricing and Availability

PilotWorks 2006 is available now. Pricing starts at around £15k. Pilot is distributed in the UK by ISSEL ( and by local partners in other European countries. For more information about PilotWorks, email us at

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