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Icare Finland is donating its new self-tonometer Icare® ONE to Glaucoma Patient Associations around the world in honour of World Glaucoma Week.

Icare® ONE tonometer is designed for self measuring of intraocular pressure (IOP) by glaucoma patients who constantly need to monitor their IOP (=intraocular pressure). The self-tonometer Icare® ONE revolutionaries IOP control and makes early detection and control of glaucoma more effective.

Icare® ONE improves glaucoma patient’s quality of life and care by making self-measuring of eye pressure possible anywhere and anytime. Icare® ONE is extremely easy to use and patient friendly; gentle measuring requires no anaesthesia drops and no unpleasant air puff is used. Icare® rebound measuring technology is proven to be safe and accurate.

Icare® tonometers are based on unique patented rebound technology and the new Icare® ONE...

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