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Are we really better off shopping at Aldi and Lidl?

Shopping at the discounters: do we save?

Are we really better off by shopping at Aldi and Lidl?

• A desire to reduce their monthly spend encouraged 58% of Aldi and 52% of Lidl customers to trial shopping there
• Those who started shopping at Aldi and Lidl to save money, only spend £5 less on their claimed total monthly grocery spend than those who don’t shop there (£235 compared to £240 claimed monthly spend)
• Whilst discount shoppers saw Aldi and Lidl as beating the big four on value and price, many questioned the discounters’ store layout and smaller range of products.
• Most customers are only using Aldi and Lidl for smaller, top-up or specific-item shops (73% for Lidl; 63% for Aldi) rather than main shops or stock up shops (27% for Lidl; 37% for Aldi)
• Discount shoppers are more promiscuous with their choice of retailer as on average they have shopped in 5 grocery shops this year compared to non-discounters who only had 3 grocery shops in their repertoire
• The proportion of monthly spend in discounters for current customers looks set to rise. 21% of Aldi & Lidl customers say they will shop there more often than they had in the last four months

June 2015: - A new survey by Impact Research of 1,725 GB grocery decision-makers has revealed that despite customers turning to Aldi and Lidl to reduce their monthly spend, they are only spending £5 less when compared to non-discount grocery shoppers.

When asked how much they spend per month, those who started shopping in Aldi or Lidl to reduce their overall monthly grocery spend, claim to spend on average £235, whilst non-discount shoppers spend only £5 more than this per month.

Why are discount shoppers failing to make huge savings overall?

When examining the type of shop Aldi and Lidl customers perform, the research reveals that currently, GB discount shoppers are more likely to use these shops for top up, or specific-item shops (73% for Lidl; 63% for Aldi). This would mean that customers are not making huge savings as they are only buying a small proportion of their shopping here. Discount shoppers are promiscuous, and purchase from a range of grocery shops (discounters shopped at 5 different grocery retailers this year; non-discounters shopped at 3).

This may change in the future, as 21% of Aldi and Lidl customers claim they will shop there more frequently than in the past four months, meaning that the proportion of their monthly grocery spend on groceries spent in discounters is likely to rise. For the time being, it is up to the individual to decide whether they are truly better off by shopping at the discounters.

Results based on Impact Research survey May 2015. Powered by Toluna. Base size n= 1,725
Discounter shoppers = those who have shopped in Aldi or Lidl in last four months. n= 1,007
Non-discount shoppers = those who have not shopped in Aldi or Lidl in last four months. n=718

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