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--- General Elections: Vote For UPA Government - Advantage Reforms and Development

--- Potential Investments Worth $700 billion To Go On Track

--- Power & Energy, Infrastructure, Telecommunication and Pharmaceuticals To Drive The Next Wave Of Investments

New Delhi & London; May 18, 2009 – India’s Dalal Street, home to the Bombay Stock Exchange was a busy address on Monday, May 18th creating history with euphoric investors leading the Sensex, the benchmark index to surge more than 17% or 2,099.21 points higher at 14,272.62, the highest ever increase in a day anywhere in the world, so much that the trading had to be halted for the day. The Sensex touched the upper limit twice, earlier opening at 10.73% or 1,305.97 points higher at 13,479.39.

“The overwhelming response on the first trading day following the verdict of the people in the General Elections for the 15th Lok Sabha or the House of the People, in favour of the...

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