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Although it may have its origins in the East, the effects and benefits meditation can have during times of recession have rarely been more acutely in evidence than right now in the West. A new CD features a guided meditation for all those who are financially stressed by the current credit crunch, feel lost and in despair and don’t know what to do. This probably applies to most adults in the UK today, and there could not be a more appropriate time for film producer and author Mark Forstater to launch his adrenalising new audio CD The Age of Anxiety.

“The guided meditation I have created”, says Mark, “is designed to be a kind of mini-vacation for the mind. Follow it and you will be able to deal more effectively with your fears and problems. It can increase your innate capability to deal with adversity, because in 30 minutes or so you can transport yourself out of a state of constant worry – and take a break that truly refreshes, a short therapeutic holiday for the...

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