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Which means money in your pocket.

The reality is we are working harder than ever before. Only to end up with less money in our pockets due to the well below inflation pay rises. Which directly affects our ability to pay our credit cards off.

It is estimated that energy bills alone could potentially account for a crippling 46% of a household's annual budget by the end of 2008.

Inflation is now at its highest level for 11years. The Office of National Statistics warning that it is now crunch time for British households as the price of food, clothes,fuel and other goods climb faster than most peoples salaries.

Things could get a whole lot worse before they get better.

However, there are ways to ease your credit crunch and beat the price rises. Instead of selling your house at a loss. Take a look at what is in your garage,attic,and your garden shed. This could be your way out of your credit crunch!


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