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24th November 2011 – Fibreband is the first Internet service provider to take advantage of CityFibre’s revolutionary Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) network in Bournemouth by launching superfast Gigabit broadband services with minimum symmetrical speeds of 100Mbps. This means that users can upload content online at the same speed as they download it.

Adam Troman, general manager, Fibreband said: “As a local service provider, we understand the needs of the people of Bournemouth and want to provide a mould-breaking broadband service that is the envy of other towns and cities across the UK. CityFibre’s network is unique in that the fibre optic cable is connected directly to the property which means there is no compromise to the speeds that can be achieved, now or in the future.

“We have been working closely with CityFibre since it acquired the network earlier this year and have been extremely impressed with the work it has done to bring this new, true fibre optic...

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