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With eyebrows embracing center stage in the current beauty market everyone seems fixated with having the perfect set of brows. There are many different methods and techniques to eyebrow shaping; each treatment claiming to better the next. Market leaders HD Brows are so much more than just a treatment; they are a complete brand concept and a totally new definition in eyebrow shaping.

So where did it all begin…….

The woman who is leading the way with the vogue and fascination of the HD Brow branded eyebrow shaping enhancement is Nilam Patel. The highly acclaimed Eyebrow Queen has not only mastered the art of eyebrow definition but has taken it to a new level of significance in a person’s beauty regime.

“With 20 years of being creative and training in eyebrow tattooing and working with techniques such as waxing, threading and tinting people were always asking me to train them in producing the perfect brow shape. After seeing a gap in...

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