How small business can write recession beating advertising without paying a penny for a ‘professional’

London, England, February 23rd 2009 – Advertising is the lifeblood of every business and never more so than during a recession. The pressure to get your business noticed, to make it stand out from the crowd and to manage its public image, projected through every ad, often leads to errors made which work against you.

That’s why you usually need to hire a professional who can help you avoid the pitfalls. Professionals, however, cost money and small business owners are always caught in a Catch-22 world where they cannot spend the money needed in order to get their sales to increase.

Coming to the aid of the small business owner is a totally free business guide called 10 Deadly Advertising Mistakes.

The guide is immediately available to download and will help you avoid the advertising pitfalls and make the most of every single penny you spend on advertising.

You learn, for instance, what a Vanity Ad is (and why this mistake can kill every ad you ever write), how to best identify Prime Selling Space in an ad and create advertising which leads to constant new business irrespective of the financial climate.

Written by Jamie Sylvian, an experienced internet marketer and advertising executive who has created hundreds of compelling online and offline advertising campaigns, the 10 Deadly Advertising Mistakes guide stands in for just the kind of professional advice and hands-on, step-by-step examples you wish you could have had but thought you couldn’t afford.

Best of all the 10 Deadly Advertising Mistakes is completely free. Jamie Sylvian’s passion for quality in advertising and his company’s commitment to helping small business owners make inroads in their online and offline profiles have resulted in the creation of an eBook which gives you professional expertise at zero cost.

Within twenty minutes of reading it you can start creating powerful, eye-catching adverts to help promote your business which will increase your ability to attract the right kind of customer and deliver a higher conversion ratio than you have ever had before.

You need more lifeblood in your business? 10 Deadly Advertising Mistakes helps you make sure that when it comes to attracting customers through advertising you do not just ‘survive’ but stand head and shoulders above the competition. Available at no cost through the 10 Deadly Advertising Mistakes business guide will add some real magic to your advertising to help you win big.

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