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Cutting Taxi Transfer Fares from €80 to €24.50 For British Holiday Makers to Bansko, Bulgaria

Bansko, Bulgaria, February 2009 – The nightmare every UK traveller to Bulgaria fears is the rip-off transit scenario where unscrupulous taxi drivers take advantage of the fact that tourists and foreign travellers arriving at Sofia airport and wanting to get to the popular Bansko ski resort are not in a position to be picky. The Sofia to Bansko transit route even with legitimate fares hits the 80 Euro mark per leg of the trip and with travel usually restricted to no more than two passengers per taxi. Rip off taxi drivers have been know to charge £150 for a single journey.

The BanskoBus service does away with both the anxiety and the cost. Pre-booked through the Bansko Bus website ( or a UK telephone number it guarantees the cost, which at €24.50 is less than a third of the legitimate quoted taxi fair. It also delivers both in terms of quality and reliability. With luxurious, 6-seater, air-conditioned, Mercedes cars in place and a pre-arranged pick up time it delivers on all fronts.

“The Bansko Bus service is a scheduled service that picks up passengers and their luggage at pre-arranged meeting points and delivers them straight to the resort.

"No hidden fees, no trying to find a taxi and explain where you are going, no worrying if your luggage will fit and, most importantly, you do not have to worry about the quality of the vehicle which will transport you there" explained Bansko Bus CEO Jamie Sylvian;

"The regular taxi service adds an additional 80 Euro to the cost of your trip for each leg of the journey and local taxis have little bootspace because of the LPG tank they carry, so they cannot accommodate more than two people. We can carry six plus their luggage in air-conditioned comfort at just €24.50.”

With two scheduled trips per day which are soon to be doubled the Bansko Bus service is the ideal solution to the local transit service problem guaranteeing a safe, inexpensive and hassle-free connection point at the beginning and end of each trip to Bansko.

With the service available all year round travellers to Bansko can enjoy a door-to-door service from Sofia airport to their Bansko hotel or apartment which formerly would be cost close to £160 for a round trip.

The Bansko Bus guarantees that what memories visitors have of their Bansko holiday are all about the culture, the food, the place and the local-customs experience rather than the difficulty of getting there and back.


Notes to Editors: Bansko is Bulgaria’s largest and best-developed ski resort with thousands of annual visitors, skiers and property investors. The Bansko Bus service removes anxiety, stress and money worries at the start and end of each trip to Bansko, creating a seamless, positive experience for all who use the service. With specific pick times each day, all year round, it has the power to transform a holiday.

The website is at: and a contact form on the site even allows for a quote to areas further afield.

Tel: 0844 884 85 81