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Cloud migration being held back by lack of visibility

Are organisations holding back from making use of cloud services due to lack of understanding and reassurance?

Cambridge, UK, April 2011: Intergence Systems, an IT optimisation consultancy firm, has found that companies are often reluctant to migrate to the cloud when there are still on-going security and management concerns around data management.

Cloud based services are expanding but are also frequently viewed with suspicion, particularly for reasons such as data governance and security.

Intergence Systems believe that visualisation is the first step to creating trust within the cloud; by providing better tools to track resource usage and troubleshoot issues, any company within the cloud can begin to have confidence in their ability to respond to issues as they arise.

With more resources moving to the cloud, keeping a close eye on the more nebulous parts of the network is becoming difficult for IT managers and CIOs. Visualisation can assist in troubleshooting and checking performance which can prove especially useful in cases where companies suspect a security breach.

Rob Smith, Chief Operations Officer at Intergence, will be hosting a webinar on June 16th, looking at infrastructure visualisation and how to meet the challenges faced by businesses today. Smith will be hosting the webinar alongside Stace Hipperson, CTO of Real-Status. The company behind the world’s first 3D network visualisation software, HyperGlance

“Today’s I.T. infrastructure is complicated and this complexity is increasing. More and more devices are becoming IP enabled, virtualisation and cloud computing have become mainstream, and data rates are exploding,” said Hipperson. “While virtualisation increases ROI, it also increases complexity and makes capacity management even more important. Your business runs on its I.T. infrastructure, so you need to fix issues as soon as they emerge and become proactive with the issues that may arise in the future. During this webinar we will show how visualisation can be used in real world situations to enable you to make better, quicker decisions. Troubleshooting, capacity management and VM sprawl monitoring are just some of the case studies we will cover.”

Details of the webinar can be found at

About Intergence

Intergence Systems is a leading independent Networks and IT Optimisation Consultancy, headquartered in Cambridge, UK, and with regional offices in the Middle East (Dubai, UAE) and Americas (Wall Street, New York City). It was founded in 2003 to address the growing requirements of clients demanding high-level impartial expertise in networks and IT.

Intergence operates across five distinct lines of business; Network Optimisation, Data Centre Optimisation, Cloud Migration Services, Smart Energy Consolidation and Security. These five service pillars are designed with a clear and common purpose - to allow clients to extract more value from their existing IT assets.

Its clients range from small-to-medium enterprises, to major global corporations and national public institutions.

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