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World Cup Top 10 List - Relive The Best/Worst Moments From Past World Cups, Bristol (Oct 20th, 2009) – With 8 months to go before the 2010 FIFA World Cup kicks off in South Africa, have compiled a list of World Cup Top 10s which look back on the best and worst moments of past World Cups.

Best Team, Best Goal and Best Villain are all the usual categories to be expected in a World Cup Top 10 List, but there are also a few more bizarre categories such as Worst Moustache, Best WAG and Worst Hair Disaster which will surely raise a few smiles.

Readers can vote on their favourite in each category. Reliving some of the missed penalties is painful viewing at times, but that’s made up with the hilarious photos of the Worst Hair Disasters. Columbia’s Captain during the 1990’s Carlos Valderrama is the clear winner in that category.

Who do you think is the Best World Cup Team? Brazil 1970 or England 1966? Do you think Carlos Alberto’s goal against Brazil in 1970 was the Best World Cup Goal ever? Register your vote today is your complete guide to World Cup Betting. Covering all the markets, stats, facts, news, tips and the very best World Cup Odds.

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