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Itheon Networks releases Network Simulation Software for Windows

Itheon Network Emulator for Windows - Test how Applications Perform in Wide Area or Remote Networks from the Comfort and Ease of your Desktop -

London, UK, May 22, 2007, — Itheon Networks, the Networked Application Performance Lifecycle™ specialists, announced today at Interop, Las Vegas, USA, that it is releasing Itheon Network Emulator for Windows (INE for Windows), a Windows-based software solution that allows applications running on Windows systems to experience realistic wide area or remote network conditions on the LAN. The benefit of this technology is that it helps to de-risk the deployment of new applications into the production network.

INE for Windows is ideal for checking how well an application will perform in non-LAN environments. INE for Windows installs onto a Windows XP/Vista or Windows Server system and by simulating a variety of wide area network conditions (WAN, Wireless LAN, 3G, Satellite etc.) it enables users to understand how their application will perform when rolled out into the final production environment.

The real beauty of INE for Windows is that instead of having to go into the test lab or a controlled environment, users can test application behaviour from the comfort and convenience of their desktop. INE for Windows is quick and easy to use, with a single or multi-user capability. The design means that users do not need to be experts in using network emulation products or the creation of network test conditions as it is possible to download a wide range of pre-defined network scenarios from Itheon Networks.

“We developed INE for Windows as many of our clients wanted their developers to develop as though they were in the target environment without the need to wait for an available slot in the test lab schedule. Equally, it frees testers and QA specialists from having to work in the formal settings in the traditional test lab.” explains Frank Puranik, Product Manager, Itheon Networks. “From a network management perspective, no one wants to take a chance and introduce a new, untried application into a live network which is being used by mission-critical business processes. Using INE for Windows eliminates the risk of a new application affecting other networked programs. Furthermore, using INE for Windows early in the application development lifecycle can also help to spot network related performance issues and break the endless cycle of fixes and rewrites.”

INE for Windows allows users to recreate all the major conditions that can affect applications in the network such as latency (delay), jitter, available bandwidth, packet loss/error/reordering etc, and can be controlled asymmetrically or symmetrically.

INE for Windows is aimed at the Network Specialist, Professional Developer, Tester or IT Specialist looking for a cost effective, simple to use Network Emulator for testing how their application(s) perform between individual workstations and servers. It may be the first step, before conducting a full multi-user, multi-site test for which the INE Enterprise is recommended.

INE for Windows is available in the following versions:

• INE Express –A “Lite” workstation version
• INE Professional – Additionally offers the ability to download & store predefined network scenarios and can be remote controlled.
• INE Server – Designed to run on a server so that multiple users can simultaneously share the same network conditions.

Itheon Products:

Network Emulation Products
Itheon Networks’ Emulator (INE) family of products recreate a wide variety of network characteristics (e.g. bandwidth, latency, jitter, packet drops etc) to enable you to develop and test applications.

Networked Application Performance Monitoring Products.
Itheon Networks’ Application Performance Monitoring products enable you to identify, in real time, the causes of apparently poor applications and network performance.

About Itheon Networks:
Itheon Networks develops products that enable you to address the whole Networked Application Performance Lifecycle ™ from initial design & development, through testing, QA, to production rollout and ongoing performance monitoring. Itheon Networks has offices in the USA and UK together with a select network of specialist resellers. For more information, please visit
Press contact: Debra Wilkins - 01707 336600