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Itheon Networks Releases New Product - INE Compact

Inline Network Emulation at the Desktop - Test how Applications Perform in Wide Area or Remote Networks Prior to Application Rollout -
Welwyn Garden City, UK July 11th, 2007, — Itheon Networks, the Networked Application Performance Lifecycle™ specialists, announced today that it is releasing Itheon Network Emulator – Compact, a small, affordable, silent and simple to use inline network simulator designed to enable developers and testers to check, from the desktop, how applications perform in wide area, remote or wireless network conditions.

Although utilizing the proven Microsoft Windows XP Embedded operating system, INE Compact can be used in conjunction with Linux or Unix operating systems as well as Windows, switches, routers or VoIP devices – in fact any Ethernet based technology - to create realistic network conditions over the LAN.

INE Compact sits between the host machine and end-user client, either directly or via switches and routers, where it applies realistic network environments to show the ‘real’ performance of the application in WAN or wireless network conditions. The benefit of this technology is that it’s a small (less than 12 x 7 inches/300mm x 180mm), silent running appliance that is ready to use straight out of the box. It takes up minimal desk space and running it isn’t going to distribute colleagues so it is the ideal one-per-desk network simulator.

INE Compact allows users to recreate all the major conditions that can affect applications in the network such as Link Speed, e.g. T1, E1, Modem, (A)DSL, GPRS, 3G, WiMAX, Satellite, latency (delay), jitter, available bandwidth, packet loss/error/reordering etc, and can be controlled asymmetrically or symmetrically.

Its easy-to-use Windows interface, combined with the ability to download a wide range of pre-defined network scenarios from Itheon Networks, means that you don’t need to be a networks specialist to deploy it for application testing. In addition, it is fully compatible with load testing and performance testing products such as Mercury Loadrunner V8.1 and Facilita’s Forecast.

“Itheon Networks goal is provide, at affordable prices, the tools needed to address the whole networked application performance lifecycle from initial design & development, through testing, QA, to production rollout and ongoing performance monitoring”, explains Frank Puranik, Product Manager. “The introduction of INE Compact compliments that approach. We now have a range of software-only, compact appliance and Enterprise portable/rack-mount network simulation solutions to suit the needs of organizations both large and small. In fact, Itheon Networks now offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of network emulation products to help you simulate realistic network environments.”

INE Compact is aimed at anyone interested in the behaviour of their applications including: Network Specialists, Professional Developers, and Testers. INE Compact is also part of a ‘suite’ of products that are used in full multi-user, multi-site tests for many world-wide organisations.

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About Itheon Networks

Itheon Networks develops products that enable you to address the whole Networked Application Performance Lifecycle ™ from initial design & development, through testing, QA, to production rollout and ongoing performance monitoring. Many leading organizations deploy Itheon Networks technology including Alcatel, BlackRock, EDS, General Dynamics, IBM, Raytheon, Reuters, Schlumberger, Sun Microsystems and Unisys. Itheon Networks has offices in the USA and UK together with a select network of specialist resellers.

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