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New online game offers risk-free, real-time access to stock market with real cash prizes to be won

An exciting new, free, online game is bringing the stock market to the masses, showing what life is really like on the trading floor.

TraderPlay is a real-time, virtual game where aspiring traders, finance enthusiasts or even inquisitive novices, can practice and hone their skills using up to the minute accurate data and prices, without having to leave their desk, or most importantly, part with their own money.

Players are awarded £1,000,000 (GBP) of virtual money and use this to enter live trading competitions where their profits and losses contribute to the overall leaderboard. Gamers are encouraged to challenge friends and contacts to go head-to-head using the website’s in-built Facebook app, and see who has triumphed when the markets close. For those that show a...

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