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Like the spring weather there is a chill attached to consumers' prospective Q2 savings, investment and borrowing activity.

Compared to the JGFR/GfK Q1 Financial Activity Barometer* last December, some 36 million consumers intend to save, invest, borrow or repay debt, one million fewer on the quarter, but similar to 12 months ago.

An estimated 25 million adults intend to be financially active **down by around 300,000 adults compared to Q1 and down by an estimated 1.2 million in March 2012.

The headline 2-quarter JGFR Financial Activity Index*** fell 3 points to 89.5 on the quarter but is up from 85.1 a year ago. All 3 other headline indices also picked up on the depressed levels of a year ago, weighed down by very weak intentions in the Q1 2012 Barometer. The biggest jump is in the JGFR Debt Repayment Index, up 18 points to 86.0.

Cash savings intentions...

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