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There’s nothing standard issue about this unique Aston Martin DB 007. Even the world’s most famous secret agent couldn’t stay incognito in this 24-carat gold and platinum-leafed supercar from luxury customization company, Alchemist.

The day after Quantum of Solace premieres in London, Alchemist will showcase its one-off Aston Martin at MPH The Prestige Motor Show featuring Top Gear Live at London’s Earls Court, where the supercar will be auctioned Sunday Nov. 2 at 6 pm. Estimated price : £ 500,000.

And with seven diamonds embedded in the bodywork, it is sure to be a jewel among the 200 supercars on display. This car owned by Prince Francesco Ruspoli.

Alchemist’s creative director and modern day ‘Goldfinger’, Jacques Blanc, said: “This is a truly unique car. Tutankhamen’s chariot was decorated with gold leaves. And we have simply brought that ancient and opulent tradition into the 21st century.”

MPH The Prestige and...

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