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Book Cover Image of My Enemy, My Friend

Drugs, crime, depression and sexual abuse. All things we have heard of before and would probably make us label the person in the centre of it all as ‘trashy’. So why are the experiences of Lauren Vaknine any different?

Lauren was led to these things not through a desire to experiment, or through peer pressure, but through a need to rebel against a disease that had shaped her childhood. Lauren was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 2, and though her parents’ attempts to keep her as healthy as possible through a range of alternative therapies from homeopathy, to spiritual healing, had kept her relatively normal compared to the others in her situation, her childhood was far from normal. It was only when she reached adolescence that Lauren realised just how different she had been to everyone else and decided to rebel. As her rebellion progressed, so too, did her disease....

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