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Participants will Learn how to Improve their Software Development Processes

London, September 22, 2009: Today emergn announced a series of new Agile and Lean training courses designed to accelerate the learning curve. Courses such as the Agile Overview, Agile Development, Agile Project Management and Testing for Developers with xUnit will be delivered globally for both the public and corporations beginning in Dublin and London throughout October and November. {{These courses will help Agile developers and team leaders put theories into practice}}. The instructors are experts in their industries and will share valuable experiences and discuss how these practices work in the real world. Scheduling and registration information is available on emergn’s website.

Upcoming Course Details:

Agile Overview: October 28 in Dublin, November 23 in London
This intensive 1-day course will provide participants with information to begin applying Agile at work through a series of learning games and exercises.

Agile Development: October 19-20 in Dublin, November 16-17 in London

This 2-day hands-on tutorial will provide techniques for improving productivity and quality of deliverables while reducing the organisation's technical debt. It will also help participants understand the role and responsibilities of an Agile Developer so challenges become opportunities.

Agile Project Management: October 22-23 in Dublin, November 19-20 in London

This 2-day course consists of interactive exercises that provide Agile project managers and team leads with the opportunity to put effective tools into practice.

Testing for Developers with xUnit: October 12-14 in London

This 3-day course which provides the participants with a vocabulary of test smells and patterns to elevate their test code writing. These smells give them a way to reason about the quality of their test code and the reusable test code design patterns can be used to eliminate the smells.

Supporting Quotes:

“emergn is a strong proponent of continuing education through Agile courses, especially in an industry that is experiencing significant growth. We regularly use the principles and practices described in our courses to provide value and affect ongoing improvement in both enterprises and providers,” commented Founder and CEO, Alex Adamopoulos.


For scheduling and registration, visit emergn’s site.
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emergn Corporation is a sourcing strategy and Agile enablement consultancy. The company’s unified sourcing model brings the right balance of sourcing expertise, delivery and fulfillment capability, and industry-leading Agile enablement services to help companies address the continuous challenges of ad hoc project delivery and the misalignment that exists between business, IT, and service providers. The company was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in New York with offices in London and Guangzhou, China. The company maintains close relationships with leading industry organizations, such as the Scrum Training Institute, Agile Alliance, LISA, IAOP, and many others.

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