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With the current economic climate, more and more professional people are resorting to DIY massage for stress relief and general relaxation according to research carried out by Jowana Information Services.

As more people are falling victim to stress - this is triggered off by not having enough sleep, over scheduling work days and not eating anti inflammatory foods like flaxseed, leafy greens, tumeric and blueberries. Not finding time to relax is also another trigger for stress – research into DIY massage therapy could point the way toward awareness programmes that improve personal health and well being.

It is interesting to note that 65% of those that had received a massage in the past five years were mainly women and 80% of these tended to thrive well under pressure rather than crumble. 75% of those that had received a massage were mainly 18 – 26 year olds. This shows that in today’s fast paced environment, young people already value the benefits of...

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