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Aerobie Pro Ring

Whether holidaying en famille or with your new best friends, only a fool would travel without a stash of outdoor activities in the car. And it’s the ones that fly that make maximum impact, generating lifelong memories of happy holidays. So be brave and leave the Nintendo DS behind for once; here are the Magnificent Seven most popular activities to keep all ages, even couch potatoes, entertained, whether on the beach or in the park.

Aerobie Pro Ring 13”

This flying ring should be right at the top of any list of things that a man shouldn’t be without. With incredible aerodynamics, the astonishing Aerobie Pro Ring 13” is a ‘longest thrown object’ Guinness World of Records setter: at over 400 metres. Wonderfully simple to throw over a long distance and a doddle to catch thanks to its soft rubber finish, the world’s best flying ring will guarantee hours of fun. Price: £9.99 from JJB, Blacks, Millets, Halfords and Cotswold Outdoor ( Read full release

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