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Sleep Talk Lullaby

Brand New Release CD format 15th April 2011 or Download now

Sleep Talk Lullaby

Julie Langton Smith MSc and Des’ree

Lack of sleep has a huge impact on the body’s natural healing system causing dis-ease and a breakdown in the ability to overcome any type of stress on the BodyMind.

This brand new Sleep Talk Lullaby has been written and created by Julie as a lullaby. It is a wonderful and immensely successful combination to produce deep and peaceful sleep. Listened to regularly it is designed to re educate the brain into a routine of good sleep patterns, the result is then to bring on better health in both Body and Mind.

It is a combination of the spoken word by Julie and Des’ree sings in ‘Sleep Talk Lullaby’ and brings a wonderful array of harmonies, deep...

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