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New research shows that Brits are putting their online and financial security at risk, as well as their relationships, by neglecting their brains

• 44% of people can’t remember their mum’s birthday
• A third of people uniform their online passwords and pin numbers
• 85% couldn’t memorise a seven-number sequence

Britons are risking their online and financial security as well as the wrath of family members by neglecting their brain health, new research has revealed.

‘Braintenance’ drink Brainwave – which has been designed to help maintain brain function and helps fund Alzheimer’s and dementia research – surveyed hundreds of gym members to see if their brains were in as good-a-shape as their muscles. The results reveal a worrying trend that the state of brain health in the UK is putting our security at risk, as well as our close relationships.

A massive 44% of people questioned couldn’t remember their mum’s...

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