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ECLIPSE Internet, winner of ISPA’s best business provider 2008, is attending the Business Start-up exhibition at Olympia on 28 & 29 November.

The expert in broadband and hosting services aims to provide budding entrepreneurs with all the technology advice they need when building a new business.

The ISP, which will be on stand 417, has a number of specialists available to discuss all aspects of building and hosting a website as well as providing insight into the range of business packages available for businesses.

“New businesses have different needs depending on the type of online activity that is required to support their business. Some want to use a website as their sole method of selling their products or services, others want a secure way of storing or sharing their business data.” says Mark Thomas, Head of Sales and Marketing at Eclipse. “Eclipse grew from a startup in 1995 to a business that now employs over 100 people. We want to use our experience to help people starting a new business work their way through the maze of technology choices available. We have the skills to guide them through those initial decisions and to support them as their business grows.”

Eclipse Internet has a great deal of experience in working with budding entrepreneurs and their businesses. Jill Pendleton from Dartmoor signed up to Eclipse Internet when she first created her business 10 years ago.

For Jill, who provides a tourist information service for visitors to Dartmoor, this meant not just a telephone service and access to the internet, but also assistance in building a presence online.

A decade on, and Dartmoor Accommodation still relies on the internet, telephone and web-hosting service provided by Exeter-based Eclipse Internet.

“We started with Eclipse and we’ve very happily stayed with them ever since. In the early days we talked things through with them, from what we needed to access the internet, to how to construct our own website and other people’s,” said Jill.

Visitors attending the Business Start-up exhibition can visit Eclipse on stand 417 for an informal chat over a drink. The exhibition runs from Friday 28 to Saturday 29 November at Olympia. For more information on the exhibition go to

For more information, please contact Cathy Phillips at or 01482 602400.