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Eclipse Internet urges businesses to stop wasting their time and energy!

CARBON neutral ISP, Eclipse Internet, is advising small businesses how to stop wasting time, money and energy, as part of Energy Saving Week.

The ISP is offering business customers green tips on how to become more energy efficient and at the same time reduce capital overheads and improve customer communications. This practical advice has both social and financial benefits to small businesses and encourages employees to take action as part of the Energy Saving Trust awareness week.

This year’s week long programme of activities runs from the 19 to 25 October and aims to highlight how we can all make small changes to our everyday lives, both at home and at work, which positively benefit climate change. The theme of this year’s awareness week is waste.

Clodagh Murphy, Director of Eclipse, said: “We’re passionate about being the greenest ISP in the UK. As everyone is adopting greener lifestyles at home by recycling more and choosing more efficient cars, we have also taken a positive step by adopting more energy efficient technologies in the workplace. We want our business customers to benefit from our knowledge to help both the environment and their business to thrive.”

From simple steps such as using recycled paper and printing only when necessary, to choosing carbon neutral supplies and enabling home working for staff, businesses can make a substantial difference.

Clodagh continues: “When we calculated our CO2 emissions, we were surprised to find that over 20 per cent of our annual carbon output is a result of our employees travelling to and from the office. Businesses can embrace home working, with the support of applications such as Eclipse Data Backup and Home Office Broadband. As well as the obvious environmental benefits, home working also delivers many other financial advantages to your business and your employees.”

To find out which technology solutions will benefit them, businesses are being advised to call Eclipse for a free consultation on 0845 1244 333.


For more information please call Anna Millar at Eclipse Internet on (01482) 602831 or email: