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Eclipse Internet evolves to outshine competition

ECLIPSE Internet customers are set to receive a superior broadband service thanks to a network upgrade programme and new product trial.

The new network, known as 21st Century Network (CN), is a next-generation digital network that provides a more robust platform, delivering an improved online experience for customers.

Clodagh Murphy, Director of Eclipse said: “The 21CN will provide our customers with an advanced and more reliable online experience, equipping our network to handle future broadband advancements. We have made our customers aware of when the switch over will take place and aim to keep the disruption to their connection to an absolute minimum.”

Eclipse Internet customers will also be some of the first in the country to benefit from a new trial of fibre broadband connections. The Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) trials, which started in October, will provide both consumer and business customers with speeds up to 40Mb downstream and 5Mb upstream.

FTTC, is the process whereby Fibre Optic cable is installed from a telephone exchange and linked to street side telephone cabinets. Copper wire then takes the connection into homes and business premises.

Clodagh said: “Demand among consumer and business customers for ever-faster broadband continues apace. Eclipse has been providing broadband and hosting services to homes and businesses across the UK for over 14 years, striving to develop and deliver new technologies with outstanding customer service. We are extremely excited to continue being at the forefront of broadband advancements and be part of the FTTC trial.”

Up to 60 Eclipse households and businesses are taking part in the trial. Once the trial is complete in December, those customers who have taken part will continue to benefit from their fibre connection, as a roll out programme to remaining Eclipse customers takes place.

Fibre Broadband uses Fibre Optic cable to deliver data and is able to deliver it faster and also much more of it than can be done with the existing copper wires currently in use, which is why fibre broadband is the future to next generation broadband. According to a report from the FCC*, a single twisted copper pair can deal with 6 phone calls compared to a single fibre pair that can cope with 2.5 million phone calls!

There are other UK ISPs who are also trialling fibre broadband and there are a number of smaller fibre initiatives taking place throughout the UK which is further stimulating demand. However, Eclipse is the only ISP that is allowing those customers who take part in the trial to keep their fibre connection once the trial is complete.

The government are extremely keen that the UK can be as competitive as possible openly saying that faster fibre broadband is one of the key elements to being competitive.

For more information call Anna Millar at Eclipse Internet on (01482) 602831 or email:

*Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the American equivalent of Ofcom.