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The green vote will make or break an election campaign this year, warns Energenie

Fatigue, spin and confusion on green issues will surround the all important green vote in the 2010 election, according to new research

• 50% of people will vote for a party specifically because of their green policies
• 80% of people think that parties need to communicate their green policies more clearly
• 60% of people think that green issues are a PR gimmick rather than genuine concern

27th April, 2010 – Despite the fact that none of the recent leaders’ debates have focused on green issues so far, recent research by Energenie, a leading British energy saving supplier, shows that politicians could be missing out on valuable votes during the upcoming election by ignoring the environment. The study shows that voters are tired of half-hearted promises and spin (60%) when it comes to the all important green policies and has uncovered the depths of the publics’ mistrust in politicians’ green credentials at this crucial time in the run up to the election.

The study, which aimed to capture consumers current mood on green issues, revealed that winning the election could hinge on whether politicians play the green card with conviction and how well they communicate their genuine, heart-felt concern for all things green. Research revealed that 80% of people think that green issues are simply a public relations exercise from politicians and are not communicated in a clear and concise manner.

These findings are particularly relevant with 50% of people surveyed saying they would vote for a party specifically because of their green policies. The survey also noted a difference in the sexes, with green issues higher on the agenda for women voters and 83% surveyed agreeing that energy efficiency is an issue the main political parties should address more. Although not as many men felt as strongly, a positive 73% agreed with this principle.

Alan J. Tadd, Managing Director, Energenie, says, “The message to politicians couldn’t be simpler, don’t just talk green, be green. It is clear people are looking for dramatic change that will have a positive long-lasting impact with this election but politicians’ messages are still not getting through to the general public and they run the very real risk of it costing them the election.”

Tadd continues, “Reducing the amount of energy you use is the most effective way to save your household and business money and also combat climate change.”


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