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Innovation and productivity stifled as company approach and home IT hiccups leave workers office-bound

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3rd April 2014 - UK companies are missing out on getting the best from their employees, according to a recent survey1 from memory and storage experts A quarter of workers surveyed said they would be more productive – with 60% saying they would be more innovative – if they were able to work from home, but almost 40% of workers surveyed said they never or rarely got the chance to do so.

Problems with IT were the most common barriers to working from home: slow-running computers and difficulty accessing company platforms were the biggest offenders, reported by 23% and 36% of those surveyed respectively. Over one in ten people (13%) said their home computers take too long to start up. Interestingly, although unreliable broadband is often seen to pose a risk to home working2, only 17% reported this as a genuine problem when they work from home.

Roddy McLean, computer upgrade specialist at, said: ‘IT issues clearly have an impact on people’s ability to work from home. However, some of these issues, like slow-running computers, for example, are actually far easier to solve than people think.’

The main reason for working at home was that people find their offices distracting, with one in five saying that gossiping colleagues caused them to want to work from home.

Not only do workers feel they are more productive at home, but they also recognize other benefits to their companies as a whole, with a third of people saying that offering the option to work from home would make their firm a better place to be employed. Over 40% feel they would willingly work longer hours and, perhaps most interestingly, 70% of people say they are more likely to work for a business that offers home working.

People who work in the arts and creative industries are currently the most likely to be able to work from home regularly, with almost half (48%) of workers reporting that they worked from home nearly every day, compared with only 3% of public sector workers and less than 9% of those in financial services.

Business and personal life coach Dr Sally Ann Law says: ‘The best ideas come from happy and productive workers. If people are able to work in a less stressful environment, they will produce more creative and innovative business ideas. If they are not able to do this, it can have a serious impact on their quality of work.’

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Additional information

1 The survey was conducted by The Leadership Factor and consisted of a poll of 1,300 people in the UK, aged 18–70.

2 Taken from an article in the Observer by Harriet Meyer entitled “fast broadband now considered vital by increasing numbers of homebuyers”.

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