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London, 25 June 2012 – The Olympics might be this year’s most watched event but the majority of us actually have quite a limited understanding of what goes on inside the stadium as a new poll* reveals that on average, 84 per cent of Britons have no more than a basic knowledge of the rules and points systems of Olympic sports.

With just over a month to go until the world’s greatest sports spectacle kicks off in London, the survey results prove that there’s plenty of homework for us Brits to do when it comes to knowing our somersaults from our saltos.

The poll, commissioned by the people behind the app “Curly’s Pocket Guide to Sports”, reveals that while over three-quarters of Brits will watch the Olympics, either live or on TV, only 16 per cent actually possess detailed knowledge of the rules.

In addition, only 4 per cent of survey respondents said that they know how points are allocated for Olympic sports. For some specific sports such...

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