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Better business execution turns ‘mission impossible’ into a success

The Commando Way: Better Business Execution
By Damian McKinney

Military commandos cope with uncertainty daily, they know how to avoid internal friction to achieve a successful mission (failure often equates to death).

In this book author Damian McKinney, a former Royal Marine Commando and founder of award-winning international consultancy McKinney Rogers, asks six apparently simple questions. These reveal the principles of ‘better business execution’ – the ability of some organisations to effectively execute their strategy quickly, in contrast to others where different parts of the business are pulling in different directions.

Royal Marines Commando-turned-successful entrepreneur, Damian McKinney, opens The Commando Way with a piece of bad news and a piece of good news. Let’s start with the bad news, ‘uncertainty is now the norm’. And the good...

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