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Kensa Heat Pumps Confirm Government Announce The Renewable Heat Incentive WILL Go Ahead - £860million Funding for Renwables Including Ground Source Heat Pumps

Big news for the Ground Source Heat Pump Industry is the Government last week confirmed that the Renewable Heat Incentive will be launched in June 2011. £860 million of funding, over the spending review period, will be provided from DECC’s own budget and not through the levy on energy companies as originally planned by Labour. This is still a substantial amount of funding which has been welcomed by Kensa Heat Pumps and the Renewable Heat Industry.

DECC says this will drive a more-than-tenfold increase of renewable heat over the coming decade, "shifting renewable heat from a fringe industry firmly into the mainstream".

This is great news for Kensa Heat Pumps and our customers. Finally, the doubt has been removed from the market about whether this incentive will go ahead, which Kensa Heat Pumps expect will lead to a significant increase in enquiries from people who were holding on their decision making process until the RHI was guaranteed to happen. As ever, Kensa Heat Pumps are happy to assist you with any such enquiries you may be getting through our free quotation service. Simply submit project details, or call the sales team on 01392 826020 if any assistance is required.

Unfortunately the details of the scheme are yet to be announced other than the official launch date has been put back to June 2011. However, Charles Hendry MP recently confirmed in the house of commons “Following this decision (to proceed), we are currently finalizing details of the RHI, including how the tariffs will be paid out, and we expect to be in a position to confirm these details shortly.” Kensa Heat Pumps are hopeful that this translates to an announcement by the end of November. We will of course be in touch with further details as soon as they become available.

Until these details are available we are continuing to refer interested customers to the details of the original proposal made in May in 2010, whilst ensuring to remind people these figures are provisional and are likely to be subject to some changes by the time the scheme starts next Summer. To download the latest Kensa Factsheet regarding the RHI, you can visit the Kensa Heat Pumps website which includes details of Ground Source Heat Pump Funding, Ground Source Heat Pump Costs, Ground Source Heat Pump Solutionsand advice about Ground Source Heat Pump Design.

Kensa Heat Pumps is a member of the Ground Source Heat Pump Association.

Contact Kensa Heat Pumps on 01392 826024 or visit our websitefor further information.