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KeyMS develops web-based financial planning tools for Bank of Scotland Investment Service

KeyMS has created web-based financial planning tools for Bank of Scotland Investment Service. These tools are now live at - click on 'financial planning wizard' on the right of the web page to use them.

Developed using the latest Dynamic Flash technology, and integrated into Bank of Scotland Investment Service back-office system, the site helps the user to plan financially for their future needs and dreams, such as university education for the children, retirement income or even that luxury yacht. Based on the age and family circumstances of the user, it will highlight the issues people should be planning for and shows them clearly how they can achieve their objectives. This then creates a unique personal profile with a graphical timeline.

Also included is a suite of handy calculators dealing with Protection, Pensions, Inheritance Tax, Savings and Surplus Income. They effortlessly work out for you - with colourful animations - those horrible sums that no one likes to do!

Andrew Chalmers, CEO of KeyMS said, "We are very pleased to be involved in providing a more entertaining approach to the complex world of personal financial planning. The Bank of Scotland Investment Service is the latest in a lengthening line of blue-chip corporate clients for KeyMS, and we are looking forward to continuing the relationship on future interactive projects."

Rob Jones, Bank of Scotland Investment Service Electronic Trading Manager, said: "We wanted to move away from the typical dry, information-centred financial website and provide an experience which will allow people to develop their own financial strategy. The revolutionary financial planning tools created for us by KeyMS mean we can bring this essential area of planning to life in a unique way that helps our visitors to personalise their finances and bring their own dreams closer to fruition."

About Bank of Scotland Investment Service

Bank of Scotland Investment Service is part of the Investment and Insurance division of HBOS plc, one of the UK's largest financial institutions, formed in 2001 by a merger of Halifax and Bank of Scotland.

About KeyMS

Key Management Systems Ltd (KeyMS), founded in 1997, is a leading specialist in high-end Internet technology solutions. The company helps its clients to implement business solutions by leveraging digital technology across platforms, networks and devices to increase revenues, enhance productivity and maximize competitive advantage. Its list of successful projects include Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystems, Hitachi, Dell, GE, Global Crossing and Gaming Insight (

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