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Discover AML/ KYC Solutions at Money 2020 Europe

Dublin -- Smart technology client verification solution provider Know Your Customer (KYC) is heading to Money 2020 Europe, (4 - 6 June 2018, The Rai, Amsterdam). KYC provides digital solutions which quickly and accurately identify and verify companies and individuals prior to client on-boarding. The comprehensive client identity verification solutions from KYC are making compliance officers’ lives easier by helping with compliance, risk and client on-boarding functions, ensuring companies can accurately and confidently conduct their KYC and anti-money laundering (AML) functions. KYC will be demonstrating its solutions on stand K6.

With financial crime more prevalent than ever, it is important that both companies and governments develop policies and processes to curb it. Implementing AML policies which prevent the smuggling of illegally-obtained funds is essential, not just for large corporations but for any business which could be exploited by money launderers. Know Your Customers’ KYC/AML screening, client verification and onboarding solutions are leading the way in the fight against global financial crime.

‘Give them the tools and they’ll finish the job!’
In late 2017 a global survey by Thomson Reuters revealed that the average onboarding time for new clients is now up to 26 days. As compliance personnel face demanding workloads, on-boarding times are increasing; compliance teams need technological tools to quickly and reliably automate many processes which are currently done manually. KYC’s digital solutions maximise compliance teams’ efficiency and capacity, meaning companies are future-proofed for scale, without increasing costs, and importantly, bringing onboarding times down from three weeks, to just ONE day!

About Money 2020
Founded in 2011, Money2020 creates destination events where the most innovative people in payments, FinTech and the broader financial services industry connect. Famed for their high-impact networking, the USA edition, held in Las Vegas (October), and Europe edition, held in Amsterdam (June), are widely considered the premier events of the year by the industry they serve. Money2020 debuted its APAC edition in Singapore in March 2018 and is expanding to Hangzhou, China in November 2018. Money2020 is the space where the industry’s smartest visionaries and innovators come together to create the future of money. Conference themes include;
- Banking
- Entrepreneurship & Investing
- Payments
- Risk & Security
- Artificial Intelligence
- Identity & Authentication
- Regulation

Claus Christensen, CEO at KYC said;
“Money launderers and organised criminals are adept at finding loopholes and exploiting weaknesses in poor KYC/AML processes, and they’re using technology to maximise their returns! If we are to win the fight against global financial crime, we must use innovative technological solutions to enforce AML standards. KYC’s digital solutions quickly and accurately identify and verify companies and individuals and automate many processes which previously had be done manually, making onboarding less costly and less time consuming. We’re pleased to bring our solutions to the Money 2020 Europe event”.

Know Your Customer will be on stand K6.

If you are attending, please contact Maggie Maspero at mmaspero(at) directly to set up a meeting.