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Know Your Customer and Axiom Prepaid Holdings Announce Expansion in Key Markets

Dublin – Following their collaboration earlier this year, global smart technology client verification solution provider, Know Your Customer and leading international facilitator for the issuance of prepaid cards, Axiom Prepaid Holdings, announce their deeper collaboration with an expanded offering for high-profile FinTech organisations in additional European markets.

Know Your Customer provides a digital solution to global clients across a variety of regulated sectors to quickly and accurately identify and verify companies and individuals during client onboarding, ensuring companies can confidently conduct their KYC and anti-money laundering (AML) functions.

Axiom Prepaid Holdings (APH) is a global independently owned prepaid card issuing firm that works with many of today’s high-profile FinTech organisations through innovative and cost-effective white label solutions.

Together the organisations’ unique expertise provides end-to-end solution for the issuing and management of white labelled prepaid cards enabling FinTech organisations to meet the current technological and regulatory challenges of the financial sector.

Today’s announcement confirms Axiom’s market entry expansion into additional EU markets, namely Germany, France, Portugal and Greece. Axiom first established their European company’s headquarters in the UK in late 2018. Today’s announcement comes on the strength of Axiom’s successful roll-out in Spain and Italy in Europe; in Hong Kong and Singapore in Asia (where both KYC and APH have offices and a fast-growing presence); and in Canada and the United States, where APH is headquartered.

Know Your Customer CEO Claus Christensen said of the new collaboration:

“We are delighted to be working closely with Axiom Prepaid Holdings in a variety of strategic high-growth markets. We look forward to continuously providing our expertise and technology to enable faster anti-money laundering checks and a more seamless customer onboarding experience in Germany, France, Portugal and Greece in addition to other established markets.”

Steven Foster, President of Axiom Prepaid Holdings, LLC, said:

"With Know Your Customer’s automation technology, we have already demonstrated an improvement in the efficiency of our customer onboarding process whilst ensuring jurisdictional regulatory compliance. We are therefore meeting our customer needs with a seamless customer journey and expediting the implementation of our market entry, which we are delighted to announce today.”

Notes to Editor:

About Know Your Customer
Know Your Customer provides a digital solution that quickly and accurately identifies and verifies companies and individuals prior to client onboarding. Our easy-to-use solution offers quick ultimate Beneficial Owner identification, document collection, Digital ID verification and automated anti-money laundering checks in multiple languages across multiple jurisdictions. This comprehensive client identity verification solution from Know Your Customer helps with compliance, risk and client onboarding functions, ensuring companies can accurately and confidently conduct their Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) functions.

For more information visit or follow Know Your Customer on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Know Your Customer Media Contact:
Maggie Maspero
Phone: +353 1 244 0669

About Axiom Prepaid Holdings
Axiom Prepaid Holdings (APH) is a global independently owned prepaid card issuing firm that works with many of today’s high-prole FinTech organizations through innovative and cost-effective white label solutions. Established by Steven Foster & Steve Urry; experts in processing and managing credit card payments, debit card payments, global pre-paid card issuing programs, and other various banking solutions, APH enables FinTech companies to discover breakthrough innovations through a strategic and advanced technology that allows them to achieve a fully customized prepaid solution.
To learn more about Axiom Prepaid Holdings, please visit:

Company Name: The Axiom Group, LLC (HQ)
Contact Person: Natalie Mcelwee
Phone: 800-213-0513
Country: United States