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The Eyecare Trust (1) has issued a stark warning to highlight the risk the illegal sale of contact lenses poses to the public’s eye health.

Despite often being regarded as a fashion accessory or novelty item cosmetic or decorative contact lenses – including plano (non-prescription) lenses – must, by law, be supplied by or under the supervision of a registered optometrist, suitably qualified dispensing optician or medical practitioner (2).

Yet, worryingly, cosmetic and decorative lenses are increasingly available from unregulated internet sites as well as market stalls, beauty salons and general retailers nationwide.

Kelly Plahay, Optometrist and Acting Chairman of the Eyecare Trust explains: “All contact lenses whether you wear them for fun or to correct your vision require the same level of care and attention because improper use can lead to serious eye infections, corneal ulcers, abrasions and even blindness or the loss of an eye.” Read full release

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