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British singer-songwriter LAILANA to release single to inspire hope to the world during the Covid-19 crisis

London (April 8th 2020): An up-and-coming singer songwriter from Surrey, England has penned a song entitled “We’ll Get Through This” to inspire hope globally during the difficult circumstances the world is going through because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lailana, 24, will be releasing the song on all major music streaming platforms on April 10th 2020 and all revenues from the sale of the song will be donated to the National Health Service (NHS UK) to aid in the fight against the Coronavirus.

“As a singer songwriter who believes in bringing life to music, I felt compelled to write a song to give people some hope during the tough time we are all facing. At a time when the situation seems really grim, it’s important that we all stay positive and support the NHS and all frontliners around the globe,” said Lailana.

She added: “The song has a twin message. It’s about someone who was beaten to the ground, how they suffered, and then how they rejoiced and came out of a bad situation standing strong. This applies to how a lot of people are feeling now but also about how it seems our earth is using the current situation to recover from the damage that humans have done to it”.

Lailana said that when she was writing the lyrics, she kept thinking of mother nature, earth, and how during this time when the world is going through upheaval, the earth is repairing herself after all the abuse humankind has caused.

“The song can be interpreted in many ways, but this is also a beautiful message in which we can assure the world “not to fall" and we will overcome these hard times. So it’s a message to the humans of the world and to mother nature too,” Lailana explained.

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You will be able to watch the music video through this link, it is private until the date of release & I would highly appreciate it if you did not share it with anyone until then. :) 

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