Challenging conventional wisdom – and winning

Portals and bespoke ASP solutions can transform a business, according to one of Britain’s most innovative – and outspoken –
performance optimisation companies.

e-host Europe (http://www.ehosteurope.com) is a company that has dared accepted wisdom and won.

Using the latest technology through its e-host Atrium product, e-host EUROPE specialises in creating a digital presence for its
clients in the form of company specific portals.

Says e-host’s chief technology officer Declan Hughes: “This is broader than just e-business. It is much wider than just carrying out
transactions. We are working with our clients to create a range of different portals, such as employee portals, which significantly
increase their productivity. The possibilities and opportunities offered by portals today are tremendous.”

e-host EUROPE was among the early pioneers of ASPs and has been at the forefront of the drive to extract real bottom line
impact from ebusiness. Initially covering the UK and Ireland, the company focuses on meeting the needs of its corporate clients in
the areas of increased service levels and ebusiness.

e-host is not in the business of developing their own middleware, hardware or portal building tools, explains Hughes. Rather, they
partner with the best in breed companies in these areas “and deliver the benefits of their products to our customers.”

The company has created a team of Internet integration specialists to increase the necessary "virtual real estate" and integration
with existing applications. This means clients can realise their need for Internet solutions in the form of state of the art portals.

Through another of its products, e-host ASPinside, e-host has proven expertise in significantly improving the service levels and
performance levels of their customers’ IT systems. This allows their IT departments to, in effect, become an ASP to their users
and significantly reduce costs.

“We have taken a slightly different approach to the ASP model than was the norm a year ago”, says Declan Hughes. “At that time
people thought that the SME sector was a big sweetie box for ASPs. We deliberately chose not to get into the business of renting
out Word at £9.99 a month to small businesses. What we are about is delivering bespoke solutions to corporate clients. This
means that we analyse their needs and deliver a solution which suits them and drive the power to their ebusiness.”

A third e-host offering, e-host Assist, is designed to take the pain out of management service provision so that companies can
focus on developing solutions that add value to core competencies.

e-host has invested heavily in creating a 24x7x365 operations and Help Desk Support Centre for IT facilities operations so that its
customers can off-load the burden of time-consuming administration and support.

Hughes states: “This business-tailored approach to increasing service levels is the forerunner to the ASP of the future.”

About e-host Europe

e-host EUROPE has a proven and impressive track record and it offers fully integrated skills in the areas of network management
and e-business enablement. These skills deliver significant benefits to corporate customers including reduced costs (both for
implementation and ongoing); short payback periods, lower staff overheads, and reduced training costs. Other benefits include the
fact that IT departments are allowed to focus on strategic application development and business focused services, and constraints
are removed so that offices and staff anywhere can use new applications despite any bandwidth limitations to meet business

e-host EUROPE works with its blue chip client base to create the digital presence that forward thinking companies require. Its
current portfolio of clients includes Associated Mediabase, Dublin Corporation, Eircell, Waterford Institute of Technology, Bon
Secours and Knight Frank.

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