Convera (formerly Excalibur Technologies), the leading European provider of
cross-lingual, multi-media, search and content management solutions, has
signed a new agreement with Cedar, the enterprise solutions company, to
combine forces to both sell and joint market each others respective
knowledge management product lines. Marking a major pro-active push, the
new agreement will both strengthen the product portfolio of each company and
increase the breadth of products and services each can offer. Highlights of
the agreement include both companies being entitled to resell each other’s
products in the UK, Cedar receiving royalty on all Convera products sold
into the UK Public Sector and additional joint marketing campaigns being
driven by both sides.

Commenting on the new agreement Martin Bayton, Director for Strategic
Alliances at Convera said: “This agreement involves a substantial commitment
by both companies and should reap rewards for all involved. For Convera
this is a promising opportunity and working with Cedar’s extensive sales
force has increased our own channels to market at least ten fold. Nobody is
in disagreement that the technology industry, as a whole, is facing a few
difficult quarters. However, we are confident that there is a valuable role
for knowledge management and to ensure it will fill this potential we have
to market and sell our products as effectively as possible. This agreement
with Cedar will go further to help us achieve this.”

Commenting further on the agreement, Matt O’Donnell, Group Business
Development Manager from Cedar said: “This new agreement opens up large
revenue opportunities for both our companies. Although Convera’s
functionality is embedded in our own software, selling Convera’s products
separately will enable us to fulfil more customer requirements. Our Content
Value Management (CVM) solution is designed to enhance research and
development within companies, maximising their competitive intelligence and
helping them realise the value of their own knowledge base, and is therefore
primarily suited to those companies looking to implement large scale
knowledge management projects.”

Over the next 12 months, Cedar and Convera will engage in joint marketing
and sales campaigns initially focused on key vertical sectors –
pharmaceutical and financial services – but branching out to wider markets
later in the year. The agreement will primarily focus on Convera’s
successful RetrievalWare, an intelligent search and retrieval solution, and
Cedar’s CVM.

Cedar CVM

Raw enterprise data together with the World Wide Web and multiple news feeds
present a frightening and overwhelming mountain of information. Managing
information and transforming it into profitable knowledge is the most
successful way of gaining a real competitive edge. Yet many conventional
approaches to knowledge management systems are too inflexible, disruptive or
costly to provide an effective solution. That’s why Cedar has developed a
completely new way to manage all your knowledge assets. Cedar CVM is a
knowledge management offering that combines the ability to submit, search,
retrieve, manage and display information from all of the above sources as
well as your existing systems.

Convera RetrievalWare

Convera RetrievalWare is a high-performance, intelligent search system which
allows broad flexibility and scalability for implementation across corporate
intranets and extranets. It enables users to index and search a wide range
of distributed information resources, including text files, HTML pages,
documents, relational database tables, and groupware repositories. It’s
search engine supports over 200 proprietary document formats of both word
processors and publishing systems. RetrievalWare’s advanced search
capabilities include Adaptive Pattern Recognition Processing (APRP) and
‘Semantic Networks’.

APRP is employed to remove the complication from searches. By looking at
the binary make up of a word, RetrievalWare can decipher if a word is
mis-spelt and also what the true word should have been. Searches are made
more effective by using a process of ‘Semantic Networks’. This means the
system searches for conceptual links between words rather than searching for
the words with a direct match.

About Cedar

Cedar is a software, services and management consulting organisation which
is headquartered in the UK and has a 1500-strong team operating from 45
offices over eleven countries. Projects range from the delivery of
individual business applications for local governments to global consulting
on change management for some of the largest companies in the world. Cedar's
unique business model delivers value by combining its own technology
capabilities with those of our partners and with customers' existing
solutions. Where appropriate, we will also manage operations. Cedar
manufactures and delivers its own enterprise applications, the company also
has relationships with a range of enterprise software component companies,
ensuring continued delivery of the best solutions available in the market.

Cedar's new generation enterprise systems provide modern knowledge
management, transactional, and content solutions offered through advice,
implementation, core business applications and business services.
Additional information about Cedar is available at www.cedar.com

About Convera

Convera, a new company formed when Excalibur Technologies combined with the
Intel Interactive Media Services division, is a leading provider of
content-management innovations that unlock the value of digital content.
Convera advanced technologies, products, services and solutions enable
content owners to realise the worth of their valuable cross-lingual,
multi-media, digital content – text, images and video – over the Internet,
intranets, set-top boxes, and wireless devices.

Convera serves more than 650 customers in 29 countries from its offices
throughout Europe and the US. Convera customers and partners include BG
Technology, British Telecom, QXL.com, Clifford Chance, Chadwyck Healy, DTI,
the British Labour Party, Discovery Communications, the National Basketball
Association, the World Bank, Nortel Networks, Sun Microsystems, TV5, CANAL+
Belguique, Pro Sieben and Deutsche Post.

Convera’s RetrievalWare allows broad flexibility and scalability for
implementation across corporate intranets and extranets. Users are able to
index and search a wide range of distributed information resources,
including text files, HTML pages, documents, relational database tables, and
groupware repositories.

Additional information about Convera is available at http://www.convera.com or
email info@convera .co.uk or call 01344 887 623


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