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Cedar partners Compudigm to turn information into knowledge

Cedar has selected a visualisation software company Compudigm International™ to provide information mapping as an embedded option within its unique knowledge management offering Content Value Management (CVM).

Compudigm’s success in monitoring the largest use of mobile phones ever – at the Sydney Olympics convinced Cedar that it could deliver a product worthy of integration within CVM.

The new visualisation tool seePOWER™, offers unprecedented flexibility in the display of information.

The new technology will revolutionise the way in which organisations gain value from their corporate information by revealing the strategic connections which are hidden within.

Cedar chose Compudigm after a comprehensive review of knowledge mapping tools as part of its drive to ensure that its CVM solution remains ahead of the competition.

As well as visualising the important themes in documents, the solution will at the same time draw attention to other related documents or information that otherwise might well be missed.

Marlo Valente, Product Manager for Cedar’s CVM said: “This new technology will bring enormous benefits. Knowledge is power, and organisations will be able to manage and get real value from their information. We are very excited to be working with this unique visualisation technology.”

No longer will staff need to spend time bringing together documents on a particular subject; pictures are easy to understand and quick to interpret.

The CVM/seePOWER visualisation tool will enable Cedar to deliver information to customers in a clear, concise manner as well as displaying hidden relationships in the mass of available corporate information.

Andrew Cardno, President and CEO of Compudigm, described the joint development as “changing the way the world sees company knowledge” through creating a solution that combines visualisation technology with knowledge management.

The solution will form part of the Cedar CVM suite of products that brings all of the knowledge required by a team or an individual into one place, and presents it in relation to its value – allowing the user to see and realise new relationships and new opportunities.

The CVM Capture capability already automatically brings together information on topics of particular importance to an individual or a team. The CVM/seePOWER visualisation tools now reveal the strategically important themes and connections within that information.

“We are developing a solution which enables organisations to view the value in their information in a very simple and user-friendly manner,” stresses Cardno. “By turning information into pictures, we have revolutionised the way business professionals view and manage their knowledge and content.”

He pointed out that organisations created new documents every day – for large organisations, this could exceed 100,000 objects a day.

The partnership of world-class technology with a market leading knowledge management organisation is expected to drive considerable business opportunity worldwide for both organisations.

“Leveraging Cedar’s 45 offices in 11 countries with the CVM/seePOWER visualisation tool is an incredible way to market for us,” said Cardno.

Telstra, one of the worlds leading telecommunications companies, used seePOWER last year at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games to create another world first - visualising the demands on the mobile network and dynamically reconfiguring the network to manage the unprecedented number of calls made during the event. This was highly successful and Compudigm won a Smithsonian Laureate for this solution.

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