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The world-wide web, PCs and Online Information are all celebrating important anniversaries in 2001 with ten, twenty and twenty-five year milestones.

The longest running of the three will surprise many.

The World Wide Web celebrated its birthday on August 6 this year. It has been ten years since plans for a global system for sharing information on the internet were first announced.

August 12 1981 witnessed the launch of the IBM personal computer with a 64K memory approximately one thousandth of the capacity of the average machine in 2001.

The online information industry has been around for even longer, with commercial databases being available since the early Seventies. The Online Information conference and exhibition, the world's largest event for the information industry, celebrates its twenty-fifth anniversary at Olympia in December.

Says Katherine Allen, Event Director: “The online information industry began in the days of dumb terminals and complex query languages, and over the years has absorbed the technical advances offered by PCs and the web to revolutionise the use and exchange of electronic information. In these days of tech gloom it is refreshing to find an internet-based industry sector that has not only been around for twenty-five years, but continues to grow."

Since its conception in 1976 Online Information has become the essential annual showcase for the very latest developments in fields such as knowledge management, information retrieval, intranets and content management.

Every year it attracts over 15,600 attendees by giving them the opportunity to meet and do business with over 340 leading content vendors, publishers and solutions providers.

Allen continues: ”By industry standards it is certainly unusual for an exhibition inspired by technology to have such long heritage. But the success of the event is down to its focus in the 'I' in 'IT'. It's all about information and what people do with it, not the technology they are using, whether it be PCs or wireless devices. We are marking our silver jubilee with the biggest event ever, and we expect the next twenty-five years to be just as exciting as the first."

The Online Information exhibition and conference runs from 4-6 December at the Olympia Grand Hall.


Note to editors:

Online Information is the largest information industry event in the world and is organised by Learned Information Europe Ltd.

The conference presents leading online industry commentators, consultants and professionals, top academics and key vendors exploring major issues that have shaped the industry, determining the key trends facilitating developments for the future.

The exhibition brings together over 340 exhibiting companies showcasing a wealth of information sources for all industry sectors as well as solutions for information management, retrieval and dissemination.

The event takes place on 4th-6th December 2001 at Olympia Grand Hall, London, UK.

The Executive Board for the conference includes:

Martin White, Managing Director, Intranet Focus Ltd, UK

Sheila Webber, Lecturer, Department of Information Studies
Sheffield University, UK

Lesley Robinson, Independent Consultant, UK

David Mort, Director, IRN Services Ltd, UK

Susan Jackson, Head of Information, Roche Discovery Welwyn, UK

Paul Blake, Editor, ManageIT, UK

For further details: see the web site at


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