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Unwanted diamonds are often sold for a fraction of their worth to high street jewellers with owners potentially losing thousands of pounds on every deal.

New organisation, Diamonds For Cash ( aims to redress the balance by offering the highest monetary reward for diamond-related goods anywhere in the UK.

The website bypasses the overheads of high street chains, and with its resident team of diamond professionals ensures the high levels of expertise necessary to give accurate valuations.

According to spokesperson Ross Clarke: “One of the biggest problems in selling diamonds is that many high street stores just do not have access to the right skills to give a precise valuation. When this is offset against running costs the final offer can be surprisingly low.”

A big problem for regular jewellers is the difficulty of re-selling goods, especially those with significant worth. Diamonds For Cash bypass this problem by selling overseas where diamond interest is greater than in the UK.

Standard procedure is for company representatives to meet interested sellers at designated locations across the UK. They will usually express the worth of the jewel on the spot.

Clarke adds: “Sellers are under no obligation to use us and we usually recommend that they approach high street purchasers to gauge the remittance that they are prepared to offer. Although there is no set rule, a diamond that is valued at £1,000 by a jeweller might be bought for £3,000 by Diamonds For Cash.”

The company is keen to consider all types of diamond-related jewellery and in the past has handled necklaces, tiaras and watches. Valuations are free to obtain and clients have the additional security of a 10-day money back guarantee.

Enquiries can be made to either the Diamonds For Cash office on 020 8952 2202 (9AM–5PM Monday-Friday) or from the website at (24 hours).


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