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Clickatell today launched the latest version of Clickatell Communicator,
their web-based bulk SMS tool, in time for the expected surge in SMS traffic
over the festive season and New Year period.

What differentiates using Clickatell Communicator from sending an SMS in any
other way, is the ease of use of the product, combined with the powerful
functionality that is built into this seemingly simple interface. "The fact
that anyone can now send personalised SMS messages to thousands of people at
the click of a button, is what makes Clickatell Communicator so popular with
business users, especially as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.
"It is as easy as sending an e-mail," says Danie du Toit, marketing
director. "This means that the communications reach is expanded to a very
personal level at a time when people are bombarded with conventional,
impersonal media."

Amongst other features, Clickatell Communicator has a powerful "mail-merge"
facility. This feature allows the sender to broadcast bulk messages, while
at the same time setting it up so that each message contains information
pertinent to the specific recipient, such as the recipient's name, account
balance, the sender's name, or any other specified field. For example,
"Dear #FNAME#, we hope you have." which will automatically insert the
recipient's name into the message. Uploading a group of recipients is also
extremely user-friendly, making group messaging an easy task, even for the
novice. All that is left is to type the message and to click "send," and
your message is delivered to thousands of your clients, friends, or
suppliers. If you don't want to sit in front of a computer on New Year's
Eve, you can even specify the delivery date and time for the message.

SMS has long been used to send season's greetings to friends on a one-on-one

basis, and has since 1999 become widely accepted by businesses, especially
in Europe, as a CRM tool. Its use has escalated amongst all levels of
society, and according to the GSM Association early estimates are that more
than six billion SMS messages will be sent during the Holiday Season and New
Year period - one for every person on the planet. SMS is the ideal medium to
reach people who are regularly on holiday at this time of year, and has the
benefit of being delivered within seconds of being sent.

Mobile marketing on the whole has a lot of unexplored potential, as long as
it is expected or permission-based. According to Du Toit, Clickatell
Communicator allows you to drive your own campaigns, making technology that
has long been difficult to understand, accessible and user-friendly.

This bulk SMS tool is available for testing at:

-- your direct route to the media across Europe and America

t: 020 7630 8953

f: 020 7630 8554 or 0870 121 5572