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Club Tucanes the former Respect Holidays/Sensations bungalow complex in Gran Canaria, which became part of Man Around Espana when Respect & Sensations went bust last year, has been closed for non-payment of rent.

A court in Gran Canaria set an eviction date for 16th March 2009 and now the complex staff are contacting some guests who are booked in to stay there to advise them that Tucanes cannot accommodate them – for reasons ranging from sewer problems to "overbooking". They are simply telling the guests currently on holiday there that they are closing and they are offering alternate accommodation.

Andrew Jones, Sales & Marketing Director at Mantrav reported “we have already taken many calls from anxious holiday makers desperate to find alternate accommodation, as well calls from people currently staying at Club Tucanes, who are due to be ‘kicked out’ tomorrow.”

This is a very busy time for all in Gran Canaria as it is currently Carnaval...

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