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Escaping The Stranglers is an insightful and dramatic tale of growing up in a mixed race English family in India during the Second World War and the post-war period in England.

Almost swallowed by a giant python, little Tristan escapes to grow up in India, with his adopted brother and two sisters of different races, only to encounter racism at Tocal School on his first arrival in England. Worse awaits him when he starts at Redstones at the age of thirteen. Can Tristan evade the institutionalised violence and sadism of school warden Waddington and his psychopathic deputy, Bagshaw? Encountering a giant wave in a storm he proves to be a survivor. On the run from Redstones, stealing to live, he is arrested and sent to a remand centre and then a Borstal. In his struggle to escape another near successful attempt on his life by Bagshaw, with the help of friends in the Borstal he turns on his enemy.

Francis Radice’s debut novel ‘Escaping The Stranglers’ is...

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