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LIVE FOREVER, AT POSTERITY.COM The founders of a new British website, called, have engaged in an extraordinary undertaking: to preserve people’s life stories online for the whole of eternity. Members of Posterity gain instant immortality and will never cease to exist … well, virtually, at least. is the first website of its kind in the world that allows its members to develop their very own autobiographies in as much detail as they desire. No writing skills are necessary.

Furthermore, Posterity’s ten founders intend that the virtual library of individual life story autobiographies will be maintained on the Internet in perpetuity, in whatever shape or form the World Wide Web takes in the future.

Members can keep their autobiography private, share elements or all of it with friends and family, or even open it up for the whole world to see. The digital record of themselves and their experience will always be a work-in-progress throughout their lifetimes, until they cease to continue its development, or indeed they cease to exist. Their autobiography will then be preserved in its final form at for good, for free, forever … and for posterity.

Joining costs just £7.50 for annual membership – the price of an average paperback –providing members with a stimulating and comprehensive template to explore, and the opportunity to update their autobiographies as often as they wish, and even keep a daily diary blog of their life’s events.

Once finished, the member’s autobiography will be stored in perpetuity, free of charge, for the benefit of the member’s family, friends, colleagues and descendants. In 1,000 years’ time, everything there was to know about them will still be available to view.

Co-founder Jonathan Willis says: “Posterity offers you a facility that is utterly unique: the opportunity to live forever. At Posterity you can create your own Autobiography, a digital deconstruction of yourself, a virtual you that will survive for the whole of eternity. In 100 years’ time your descendants will be able to search Posterity’s archives and find out all there was to know about you: who you were, what you did, how and where you lived, what you thought, what you believed in, who you loved, what you created, amassed and achieved, what you experienced through life and the knowledge you thought to pass on. In 1,000 years’ time the same will be true; it will always be true.

“But Posterity is much, much more than that. It’s is a means of deconstructing your identity as a human being for your own personal benefit. By asking questions of yourself and providing answers, the result will be an altogether deeper understanding of you as a person. This can also benefit, educate and entertain your friends and loved ones (should you elect to share elements of your Autobiography with them). And it can, if you wish, open you up as an individual to the whole world.”

Co-founder Berenice Laporte explains: “There are 16 ‘Chapters’ to your Autobiography. These include ‘All About Me’, which explores your personality and physicality and how you got to be the person you are. Then there’s ‘My Kind Of People’, which examines your relationship with everybody you know and have known. In ‘My Philosophy’ you are provided with an opportunity to detail your beliefs, and through ‘My Work & Money’ you can explain your attitude to those aspects of your life.

“Each Chapter contains a number of ‘Pages’. There are approximately 90 of them, from ‘My Sense Of Humour’ through ‘My Goals & Aspirations’ through ‘My Lovers’ to ‘My Confessional’. And you are at liberty to illustrate each answer with pictures, since any good Autobiography will contain both text and images, a picture being said to paint a thousand words.

“In addition to all this, there’s an online ‘Diary’ where you can write and store your thoughts on the day’s events, an area entitled ‘My Time Capsule’ in which you can lay down messages that are time-released for any date in the future, and a ‘Safety Deposit Box’ where you can store electronic files for the whole of eternity.

“ enables everyone, even people with no writing skills at all, to build up an intimate portrait of their real selves and experiences. They can include as much written content as they like, together with images. And they can take as long as they like doing it – even an entire lifetime.”

Various levels of privacy can be specified. You can make your site available only to specific family members or friends, or you can open it up to everyone … to the whole world, in a very Andy Warhol ‘15 Minutes Of Fame’ sense.

Said Jonathan Willis: “ will build into a living time capsule of human experience – a celebration of human life in all its variety that will be of endless fascination to future generations, particularly one’s descendants.

“But it’s not just about laying stuff down for the future. Posterity is for here and now. Autobiographies will also make fascinating reading for members’ friends, dating partners, partners, colleagues, parents, children and grandchildren, should you wish to share elements of your site with others. You’ll also learn an awful lot about yourself.”

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